Thrifted Thursday: A Sweatshirt Refashion

I have a huge refashion pile that is waiting for me, and this lucky sweatshirt was sitting on top when I decided that I need to start tackling the pile.  So, I started with it.
The sweatshirt was originally a Boy’s Large but I wanted to make it something for Hannie, so I chopped some of the width out of it, made the sleeves puffed sleeves and added a cute Peter Pan collar to it.
One thing you have to know is that this sweatshirt is so much cuter in real life…..sorry, the picture was taken on the fly while my girlie was at school and we had some sort of light (winter is so hard for photographing project….boo.)  The dress form doesn’t do justice to the puffed sleeves (it doesn’t have great shoulders on it) but, it is  so cute on. 
Really, trust me….you are going to want to make one. 
Here’s how I did it…
*Old Sweatshirt to refashion
*Great fitting tee shirt to use as a pattern
* Fabric for Peter Pan collar

Step 1: Match up the nicely-fitting shirt on top of the sweatshirt.
Step 2: Using the same bottom edge, cut out new sweatshirt to fit your t-shirt pattern.
Step 3:  Using the existing bottom cuff, cut the sleeve to fit the t-shirt pattern as well.

Step 4: Sew up the sides and shoulder seams of new fitted sweatshirt.

Step 5:  Run a gathering stitch along the top of both of your sleeves.

Step 6:  With right sides together, place sleeve inside the sweatshirt and pull up gathering to fit the opening.  Pin and stitch new sleeve in place.
Step 7: Sew Peter Pan Collar.  Tutorial HERE.  One word of caution—you need to make sure the sweatshirt will still fit over your head with the collar attached.  (Guess who made that mistake the first time around?)  Or you could add a keyhole in the back to make sure you have enough room for a head.
Step 8:  Attach the Peter Pan Collar to the new sweatshirt.  I used bias tape on top of the Peter Pan collar which I then turned on the inside of the sweatshirt and sewed down to have nice finished edges inside.
And you are done!  A free project that looks like a brand new outfit.  
P.S. What are you working on today?  On my docket is finishing the quilt back to Hannie’s new room quilt (the quilt top is finally done—yay!) and then I am off to take it to the quilter.  I have a coupon that ends today and I am bound and determined to use it ;)

4 thoughts on “Thrifted Thursday: A Sweatshirt Refashion

  1. Awesome refashion! I am in the process of turning some of Papa’s work shirts (no longer needed) into maternity tops. I think I’ll use your collar method to spice one up!

  2. Yesterday I was just looking through the big pile of things to be refashioned. Maybe next week. Today I’m finishing up a pr&p project.

  3. I like this idea a lot. We’ve got some very unflattering fleece tops I might try this with. Little girls tops aren’t just about the pretty colors, they need to be about shape and style too. So glad you posted this!


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