A Zipper Pocket Tutorial.

Last week I made a travel tote that can sit in the car with snacks and supplies mostly because when I run out the house I literally forget everything.  So I decided to make a bag—keep it in the car—and then it will be there when I need it.  (Well, that is the plan……I feel like I am so forgetful sometimes as a mom….I don’t know at what number child it happend but I really feel like I lost half my brain cells.)
By the way, this tote is huge….like carry 5 beach towels and all the swimsuits huge (you can’t tell from the picture).  I was just eyeballing it and cutting and it just kind of came out huge…..don’t ask why….I don’t have a good answer.  Maybe in the summer when I am actually going to the pool I will appreciate its sheer magnitude.
But, while I was making the tote I decided to put in an inside zipper pocket to carry my wallet if I needed too.
And while I didn’t take any pictures of making the tote (sorry, you’re on your own for that part—I know I am lame) I did remember as I was making the lining to get the camera out and snap a few pictures as I was doing the inside pocket.
Here’s how I do it….
(Use the zipper to make the rectangle—-sorry I wasn’t more clear.)
 (By the way, the beginning steps are the same for making a welt pocket if you interested….)
Easy Peezy!  Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!!
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    Can you give the dimensions on the enormous travel tote? Some of us other moms might need one just as big, especially when taking family trips! It turned out beautiful.

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