Skirting the Issue 2013 Wrap-Up: "Final Numbers" and Thank You’s

Today is the day that we get to report on our “final numbers” for Skirting the Issue 2013.
This year we were a little nervous to attempt Skirting the Issue…changing the format of daily guest posts and then switching up the items to donate…making not just skirts, but a list of items….we just weren’t sure how successful we would be.
But we shouldn’t have worried.
You ladies are the best.
Truly, the best.
 (Flannel pillowcases donated by Replicate then Deviate)
Not only did you make some extraordinary items…quilts, pillowcases, dolls, hats, and bereavement gowns…but your emails and stories of how you’ve helped others has been amazing.
It’s no small secret that I am easily brought to tears when it comes to things that are good…and these past few weeks I’ve been a weepy mess reading about all the good that you’ve done.
Like Michelle…
…who made 4 coordinating skirts for 4 sisters who were split into different foster families. 
Now when they have a visit with one another they can all match…and when they are apart they have something tangible that they still share with their other sisters.

And then there is Melanie from over at The Seeds of 3

…her sister was leaving on a mission trip to Honduras so she put together 14 adorable skirts complete with pockets to send with her.  The skirts were posted in the Flickr group in sets of 3 and in one giant pile just before being sent.  The skirts were fun and I remember thinking what a great idea it was for her to send them with her sister. 
But then a few weeks later I saw this photo pop up in the Flickr group and it melted my heart:

Look at those girls with their skirts!!!
Oh my goodness.  How much do I love that photo?  It’s pure awesomeness.
When I taught school I had quite a few quotes posted around my room.  This one was taped to my computer to remind me why I was there.  It says,
“When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there. ”  
—Jim Henson
And that is what Skirting the Issue is about…making thing a little better.  It won’t be a catalyst for social reform or end world hunger but one kind turn for someone else can make a difference in their world…and even a little better is better than nothing at all.
So thank you. 
Thank you for sewing along with us.
Thank you for helping to make tough situations a little better for someone that you haven’t even met.
We appreciate you.
As of tonight while I am sitting here writing this post we have collected between Elizabeth and I, what has been uploaded to the Flickr group, and what has been mailed to us a grand total of 346 items.
That is 346 little differences that have been made.
(And if this year is anything like last year we will still continue to receive emails and packages even after today.)
We couldn’t do this without you.  COULD NOT do this without you.
Thank you.  Thank you for making a difference to us.
We’ll be posting the winners of our thank you gifts soon.  So watch for that.  And until then, one more time I just want to say you are appreciated.

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  1. Thank you for coordinating this great effort! I enjoyed making the different items and really appreciate your willingness to handle the donation part. Thanks also for your nice comments on the flickr pictures. (I couldn’t quite figure out how to reply through flickr :-) I hope this becomes an annual event!

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