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Ideal Homemaker quote the 2 A's

I know…I know…I know….

Even as I write this I am sitting on the couch, late at night in my pajamas after just showering for the first time today.

It’s been a long day…running errands, doing homework, and changing diapers.  Sorting laundry, fixing dinner, and paying bills.  Attending meetings, making calls, and driving the carpool.  Doing dishes, cleaning toilets, and mopping floors.  And today wasn’t even a busy day.

As I sit here tired and worn out in my Winnie the Pooh thermals (that I am way to old to be wearing) and my nerd glasses with wet hair I wouldn’t say that I am a cover girl for the “Ideal Homemaker”.  But tomorrow is another day.

My life seems to ebb and flow.  At times everything seems easy…at other times everything seems so hard.  And that includes even getting dressed in the morning.  I’m not ashamed to say that…I think a lot of you out there can relate (and will spend an entire day in pajamas)…but I want to be awesome…with a wholesome attitude and a pleasing appearance.  And so, I’ll try again tomorrow….

This week we are doing a pencil skirt sew along.  Now, I doubt I’ll be wearing one of those bad boys tomorrow but I am planning on making one.  Its something I can do tomorrow that can’t be undone.  And then…maybe just maybe…I will wear it this week.  Because even though I’m “just a mom” I’m also a woman.  And it wouldn’t hurt to dress like one every once in awhile.  In fact, I think it would do me a whole lot of good.

I hope you all might consider sewing along with us…who knows, a little selfish sewing could do you some good as well.  (Even if you are sewing along in your pajamas like I will be :). )

Take Care of Yourselves.


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  1. says

    Hello, I just found your blog through various pins in Pinterest and I really like your idea of sewing along.
    And you are right, we need a little selfish gift to ourself 😉
    Regarding spending the day in pajamas, I can’t relate although I can spend half Sunday in pyjamas quite often ! I made a rule to wake up with my husband, one hour before waking up the kids, shower and get breakfast. Then, whatever happens during the day, I am ready to go (neighbour stopping by for a cup of coffee, delivery on a great amazon package, errands to do, etc). Also, I must admit, I love the idea of sawing goodbye to my husband all nice and smelling good. He will certainly picture me all day long so you see, you should try…and let me know about it 😉
    Anyway, your blog is great and I will explore it today !

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