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Easy Swimming Suit Cover Up Tutorial

Today I have an easy swimming suit cover up tutorial to share.  I originally posted it over on the Terra’s blog (one of the nicest people I’ve ever “met”) but today I am reposting here to start off the summer season.
So here it is—A super simple swimming suit cover up:
Hello Mama Says Sew Readers!
I am so excited to be over here today and to be a part of Terra’s Just Sew Series!
(I, by the way, am liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company…a blog where my sister in law—who’s name also happens to be Elizabeth—and I post about sewing, the art of homemaking, and our love for all things vintage.)
Decorate Your Keds Title

Shoe Jewelry: Decorate Your Keds!

Today we are talking about Shoe Jewelry so you can decorate your KEDS!

Decorate Your Keds Title

Keds seem to be all the rage this summer and my girls have jumped on the bandwagon.  Which is fine by me…I grew up wearing Keds and love that they are making a come back!

Grace and I actually made these “shoelace bracelets” a few weeks ago.  We had a rare afternoon to ourselves and we went shoe jewelry crazy!

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quilt-as-you-go zipper bag title photo

Free Zipper Bag Pattern- Quilt as you Go Method

quilt-as-you-go zipper bag title photo

Hi everyone!  I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters-in-law who blog at Simple Simon and Company.  We love all things that revolve around sewing for our children and are constantly striving for the art of homemaking….all while trying to stay sane.  We really love simple sewing projects that are not only quick but that are also beautiful and luckily today’s project completely fits that theme.  These zipper bags are simple, but make great gifts and I am warning you—once you make one—you get addicted ;)

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Free Sundress Pattern Simple Simon and Company

A free sundress pattern. In Orange.

Free Sundress Pattern Simple Simon and Company

I am sewing up a few summer things and this sundress is one of the favorite things that I have ever made.  I drafted the free pattern last year and it goes from a girls size 3 to a girls size 8.  I sewed up the size 6 last year for Hannie and I sewed up the size 8 this year.  It is a bit big but I would rather go with a bit big so she can wear it all summer long.

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4 Patch Rag Bag Tutorial


Today we have a 4 Patch Rag Bag Tutorial for you.  We shared it a month or two ago over at Riley Blake Designs and today we are bringing it back home to Simple Simon!










Hello!  Today I get to share with you how to make a 4 patch rag bag.  It’s one of the first things that I learned how to sew and years later I still love and make them often.  They are perfect for cute, quick, handmade gifts.  (Especially when filled with special surprises!)

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quilt as you go tote bag

Quilt-as-you-go Tote Bag

quilt as you go tote bag

Last week I pulled out some scrap fabrics to start a new quilt…but then decided to start a new project (I feel like I have crafting ADD sometimes) and make up a tote bag for summer instead.  The quilt is still cut and waiting for me, but I am waiting for a 50% off coupon so that I can get a whole bolt of Kona white for the sashings (I am a cheapskate….I know.)

But I do love this bag.  It is BIG (great for summer) and it was an afternoon project.


I used the quilt-as-you-go method that I talked about here, the only difference was that I started in the middle and worked my way out as you would a log cabin quilt block. (I just found a great log cabin tutorial if you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.)

quilt as you tote end shot

Yay for a new summer bag!  I have been sewing a bit more lately (what I should be doing is organizing my sewing space…but I just keep pushing around piles because what I want to do is sew ;) so I will show you some more things next week.  Have a  wonderful weekend.

PS “Last day of school!  Last day of school!”  (I am sure Nemo’s dad would be just as happy as I am today….everyone is home for the summer.  Although I may just change my mind in about 3 weeks when the “I’m bored” and the arguments begin….but today we are going to enjoy the summer break with a trip to the snow cone stand and stay up late….)