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Sawtooth Sunburst Quilt Top Pattern

A Free Sawtooth Sunburst Quilt Top Pattern

Because this month we were talking about half square triangles I really wanted to put together a quilt top that featured how fun half square triangles can be.

Soooo….I made this lap quilt using nothing but plain square blocks and a few half square triangles.  And I really like how it turned out!

I’m calling it a “Sawtooth Sunburst” quilt top.  (Even thought technically it’s not a sunburst design it reminds me of one so….)

Sawtooth Sunburst Quilt Top Pattern

It was really easy to make and it you’d like to make one as well just follow the instructions below!

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Tshirt Skirt Tutorial

T-Shirt to Skirt Tutorial

Today’s post is a tutorial with a warning:

The tutorial will walk you through how to turn a T-shirt into a skirt for your little one.

And as for the warning it’s a two parter….Part one:  If you make one of these skirts you will end up making a dozen of them.  They are addicting.  Which leads me to Part two:  Because they are addicting I have several more posts coming where I make and embellish skirts that are made from T-shirts.

Alright.  You’ve been warned.  Now let’s get down to the business of the day.

Tshirt Skirt Tutorial

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Fabric Scrap Busting Projects

Fabric Scrap Busting Projects

Today we are over at Flamingo Toes sharing a tutorial for a scrap busting project.

(And it’s a good one…a combination of a little Lionel Richie, a little chalk, and some stripes…so if you have a minute click on over THERE and check it out!)

Meanwhile…over here today I thought it would be fun to share a roundup of some of our favorite scrap busting projects from the past…10 of them to be exact.

Fabric Scrap Busting Projects

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bind a quilt tutoiral

How to Bind a Quilt Tutorial

bind a quilt tutoiralHow to Bind a Quilt Tutorial
Today we are going to talk about how to bind a quilt.  Once you have been doing this awhile you will find that everyone binds their quilts a little bit differently…so don’t be alarmed if you do it differently–we all have our quirks ;)

The tutorial today is for a straight-binding on a quilt.  You can bind your quilt with bias binding (I do both depending on the quilt) but I have found that straight bindings are easier if you have never done it before.  In a bias binding you can sometimes pull the binding too tightly (because the bias stretches ) and it can get mis-shapen on the quilt.  So, we will do a tutorial for how to cut bias binding…but for today, let’s stick to straight binding.

There are also different camps of which bindings quilters like better—so I say do whatever works best for you!  Quilting is supposed to be fun, so no stress about which is the better way (at least in my book)!

Now…let’s get started.

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title collage snowman ornament

Melted Snowman Ornament Tutorial

title collage snowman ornament

We had a family party this last weekend and we had such a fun time. Everyone brought delicious food and treats, games and we had a ball. I did a craft for the kiddos while the adults were finishing up dinner (do you remember as a kid how long it would take adults to eat ;)

And you still have time if you are looking for something to do to keep your kids or grandkids busy next week!  These would also make the perfect gift for teachers, neighbors or anyone that is still on your list…

snowman ornament materials

We did a melted snowman ornament that the kids of all ages could make and hang on the Christmas tree.  I think it makes the perfect keepsake ornament to see their artwork every year…I love handmade ornaments like that.

I printed out the tags the day before with white paper and some fun scrapbook paper, punched a hole and had those ready for the ribbons.

snowman tag

And here’s how we made them…

Take the cap off of your glass ornament about fill 1/3 of the way up with salt.  Add 2-3 tablespoons of glitter.

fill with glitter and salt

I did use a hot glue gun to permanently affix the cap on so that the salt and glitter would NOT accidentally get opened up later. (I know my four year old!)

The kids then decorated with permanent markers and some black paint pens.

We added the ribbons and tags and your little melted snowmen are done!

snowman ornament end shot