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knit skirt tutorial

Easy Knit Skirt Tutorial

knit skirt tutorial

I shared this a couple of weeks ago at Riley Blake Designs but today I am sharing it again here.  I really am still living in these skirts.  And I think they will still be cute with tights and boots for fall and winter.

Hi everyone! I think this is my all-time favorite version of the knit pencil skirt for two reasons…. they are a cinch to make and they are as comfortable as wearing yoga pants or pajama pants…but are a bit more acceptable in public ;)

Here is what you need to make one:

skirt materials
Here’s what you do:

*Fold your fabric in half.  You should have a center fold line in your fabric.

*Measure you waist and divide that number by 4.  Mark that as a horizontal waistline on your FOLDED knit fabric.

* Measure your hips and divide that number by 4.  Mark that as a horizontal hipline onto your FOLDED fabric.

*Measure from your waist to your knees.  Put that line (measuring vertically) down from the waistline like shown below.step 2 copy
Now you are ready to cut out your skirt front.  Cut out one more for your skirt back.  You should have 2 skirt pieces—1 front and 1 back both cut on the fold.

sew side seams


sew waistband

hem skirt

Now put your skirt on and admire your work!

knit pencil skirt-end shot

We have lots more skirt tutorials over at Simple Simon and Company that are just as easy to make!  Head HERE to see more.

~Elizabeth and liZ


7 fun projects for fall

7 Fun Fall Projects (To Help Me Stop Crying Over the Disappearance of Summer)


I’ve been trying to fight it….I really have…this ending of summer business…

I tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening…and then I was in denial…but last week as I was running down the canyon and saw the leaves beginning to change color I knew I would have to accept the facts:  Summer is over…and the autumn season is upon us.

So instead of mourning the loss of late nights and sprinkler filled days with my kids I’m going to change my mind set and look forward to the holidays, crafts, and parties that I can enjoy with my family during the upcoming season.

And….to get me in the mood I’ve put together a short roundup of some of my favorite fall projects from seasons past…

7 fun projects for fall

The link under each picture will take you directly to the post that will give you all the directions to make each of the projects.  So let’s get started!

Fleece Scarf TutorialAn Easy No Sew Scarf Tutorial

Pumpkin Surprise Collage 2
A Pumpkin Carving Surprise that will Amaze your Kids

Spooky Smoking Bubbles
How to Make Spooky Smoking Bubbles

Spider Web Skirt Tutorial
Spider Web Skirt Tutorial

Thankful Book Title
 I’m Thankful For You Because Books

Turkey Photo Prop
Printable Thanksgiving (and Christmas) Photobooth Props

Thanksgiving tablescape--Simplesimonandcompany
A Thanksgiving Tablescape for Kids

Ok!  That helped.

I really do love this time of year…the smells, colors, and feelings…and summer will always come again…so I’m ready to say goodbye to our swimsuits and hello to the holidays.  Let’s get this party started!


flower dress title_edited-1

A Flower Dress.

flower dress title_edited-1

Every year it seems I am squeezing in a last minute First-Day-of-School dress.  Maybe it’s the fact that I procrastinate because somehow I am wishing that summer would stay forever…..I miss the carefree summer days already.

So, at 11 pm the night before school started I was finishing up the hem of the dress…and had it pressed and hung up just in the nick of time for the next morning.

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Three Easy Baby Blanket Tutorials

The gift giving season and cold weather will be here before we know it so today we have a baby blanket roundup for you that we shared awhile back over at Mama Says Sew.  All three blankets are easy to make, handy to use, wash well and are perfect to give (and to receive!).
Sooooo….here’s the roundup:
I’m liZ (one of the two Elizabeth’s) over at Simple Simon and Company and I am super excited to get to hang out on Terra’s blog today.  We think Terra is nothing but wonderful and were so excited to be invited to be a part of her series.
We think that when babies are concerned you can never have enough baby blankets!  So today I put together three super easy baby blanket tutorials that any one can make!
We promise all three are super easy to make and fantastic to use!
Thank you again for inviting us over here today Terra!
Apron in 3 easy steps

Make a half-apron in 3 easy steps.

SO….awhile ago Elizabeth and I made a few videos…..

And today we are sharing one of my favorites.  It is a minute long video on how to make a really cute half apron in 3 easy steps.  (Ok….I lied it’s really 72 seconds long…but that is close to only a minute long…we tried to be brief!)

Apron in 3 easy steps

I love these aprons!  They are made from dishtowels and are perfect to wear and to wash.

So if you have a minute click on over and check it out…and you can see Elizabeth and I doing the nerdiest thing ever at the end (that we were promised wouldn’t be in the video!).

Here’s the link:  EASY APRON TUTORIAL

opening shot

The 3 seam caftan…..updated.

opening shot

First of all, please don’t laugh at my picture.  liZ and I decided a long time ago that we didn’t want pictures of ourselves on the blog—mostly because we are hermits and don’t really like even the thought of taking pictures of ourselves.  Well, after a while here of heads cut off and other photo techniques, we are starting to venture out and put up a few pictures of ourselves.  Awkward, at best, but it’s up there….(AHHHH!)

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