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flower dress title_edited-1

A Flower Dress.

flower dress title_edited-1

Every year it seems I am squeezing in a last minute First-Day-of-School dress.  Maybe it’s the fact that I procrastinate because somehow I am wishing that summer would stay forever…..I miss the carefree summer days already.

So, at 11 pm the night before school started I was finishing up the hem of the dress…and had it pressed and hung up just in the nick of time for the next morning.

flower dress opening_edited-2

I used the sloper that I made for her last Spring….but I really need to make her a new bodice sloper–and fast.  This dress is a bit smaller than I wanted, I guess I didn’t realize how much she had grown over the summer but hopefully she can get a lot of use of it in the next couple of months before she grows out of it.

The fabric is from Penny Rose–Riley Blake Design’s new fabric company that specializes in vintage reproductions.  I love the look of this wallpaper-esque huge flower print….seriously love it!

We did style it differently for school with sandals so it wouldn’t be so fancy, but I still have a girlie that likes to wear dresses and be pretty fancy most days…so for her, it worked perfectly.  It was raining cats and dogs the first morning of school so, we styled her up after school and went to the backyard to shoot these pictures (hence the hair everywhere ;)

zipper edited

I did have a bit of a brain freeze and put the zipper in wrong the first time (hence the cut-off tops that should be properly finished, boo!) so I had to do a bit of hand stitching to make it look nice.  I completely spaced that an exposed zipper should be done like a welt pocket…..I just started putting it in like a normal zipper—aHHHH!  Live and learn.

And now I am trying to work on a fall wardrobe.  This growing girlie needs clothes.  We went shopping one day, and all we came home with was 1 pair of jeans and some white undertees….it’s hard to find tween clothes that aren’t punk rock or just.plain.weird.  So, I think I will be making a lot of them…which is just fine by me, I just wish I had more time to sew ;)


Three Easy Baby Blanket Tutorials

The gift giving season and cold weather will be here before we know it so today we have a baby blanket roundup for you that we shared awhile back over at Mama Says Sew.  All three blankets are easy to make, handy to use, wash well and are perfect to give (and to receive!).
Sooooo….here’s the roundup:
I’m liZ (one of the two Elizabeth’s) over at Simple Simon and Company and I am super excited to get to hang out on Terra’s blog today.  We think Terra is nothing but wonderful and were so excited to be invited to be a part of her series.
We think that when babies are concerned you can never have enough baby blankets!  So today I put together three super easy baby blanket tutorials that any one can make!
We promise all three are super easy to make and fantastic to use!
Thank you again for inviting us over here today Terra!
Apron in 3 easy steps

Make a half-apron in 3 easy steps.

SO….awhile ago Elizabeth and I made a few videos…..

And today we are sharing one of my favorites.  It is a minute long video on how to make a really cute half apron in 3 easy steps.  (Ok….I lied it’s really 72 seconds long…but that is close to only a minute long…we tried to be brief!)

Apron in 3 easy steps

I love these aprons!  They are made from dishtowels and are perfect to wear and to wash.

So if you have a minute click on over and check it out…and you can see Elizabeth and I doing the nerdiest thing ever at the end (that we were promised wouldn’t be in the video!).

Here’s the link:  EASY APRON TUTORIAL

opening shot

The 3 seam caftan…..updated.

opening shot

First of all, please don’t laugh at my picture.  liZ and I decided a long time ago that we didn’t want pictures of ourselves on the blog—mostly because we are hermits and don’t really like even the thought of taking pictures of ourselves.  Well, after a while here of heads cut off and other photo techniques, we are starting to venture out and put up a few pictures of ourselves.  Awkward, at best, but it’s up there….(AHHHH!)

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Easy Swimming Suit Cover Up Tutorial

Today I have an easy swimming suit cover up tutorial to share.  I originally posted it over on the Terra’s blog (one of the nicest people I’ve ever “met”) but today I am reposting here to start off the summer season.
So here it is—A super simple swimming suit cover up:
Hello Mama Says Sew Readers!
I am so excited to be over here today and to be a part of Terra’s Just Sew Series!
(I, by the way, am liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company…a blog where my sister in law—who’s name also happens to be Elizabeth—and I post about sewing, the art of homemaking, and our love for all things vintage.)
Decorate Your Keds Title

Shoe Jewelry: Decorate Your Keds!

Today we are talking about Shoe Jewelry so you can decorate your KEDS!

Decorate Your Keds Title

Keds seem to be all the rage this summer and my girls have jumped on the bandwagon.  Which is fine by me…I grew up wearing Keds and love that they are making a come back!

Grace and I actually made these “shoelace bracelets” a few weeks ago.  We had a rare afternoon to ourselves and we went shoe jewelry crazy!

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