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vintage patterns for tweens

Using Vintage Patterns for Tweens

I am excited to show you this week (and next) some great fall pieces for my tween.This post was originally part of Sew cool for the Tween Scene talking about some of sewist’s favorite patterns for tweens.  Here is what I said about sewing for older girls….

vintage patterns for tweens

I know that the series is all about a favorite Tween Sewing Pattern—but I just can’t pick one–so I am going to talk about how I approach sewing for my tween ;)  One of the first things you need to know about me is my love for vintage patterns.  I love them dearly.  They are how I first learned to sew and some of the most favorite things I have sewn come from vintage patterns.

Now I know what you are thinking….VINTAGE PATTERNS for TWEENS?  And today I am here to tell you YES!  Vintage patterns can be FANTASTIC for tweens!

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annie dress 850 pixels

Halloween Costume-opalooza!

annie dress 850 pixels

Every year liZ and I decide that we want to do some simple Halloween costumes for kids that anyone can do.  But it seems every year that time gets away from us, so we set a goal to get started early and really get some costume ideas out there.  Some we have just recently thought of…and others we have been mulling over for quite some time now.

And we are excited to show you over the next couple of weeks exactly what we have been working on!

The first one is a dress done four ways.  The first two ways are up today…and then we have two more that are coming that all use the same pattern.

Here is our modern take on a Little Orphan Annie Dress.   We knew we wanted it to look like Annie, but we also knew that we wanted to create something that could last more than just one day… here it is.

Modern Annie dress2An A-line dress with a  peter pan collar, placket and some puffed sleeves to go with it.  I really love this dress.  I was seriously giddy when we put it on Ruth (and she was even excited to wear it!) and she looked so cute in it.  I think it’s the perfect shape for a toddler girl…or any girl for that matter…it’s the same pattern block I used to make this dress for Hannie’s first day of school.

And here is the same dress made for a Modern Madeline, inspired by the one I made almost 4 years ago….it’s still one of my favorites.

modern madeline costume

And we know you need some boys’ costume inspiration too… we teamed up with the DIY Network to bring you some costumes for all your kiddos ;)  The first one up over there is this little Chimney Sweep Costume.

chimney sweep2_edited-1

You can head over to the DIY Network to see all the details of how we made the chimney sweep broom and put the rest together with clothing and a borrowed hat ;)

And there are a lot more coming in the weeks ahead…..because we just can’t help ourselves….we ADORE making Halloween Costumes.

(Hannie’s costume this year is going to give me  a run for my money, though…..I purchased a whole bolt of fabric for it.  And a ginormica hoop skirt.  And I am going to try draping it…..cross your fingers that it turns out ;)



7 fun projects for fall

7 Fun Fall Projects (To Help Me Stop Crying Over the Disappearance of Summer)


I’ve been trying to fight it….I really have…this ending of summer business…

I tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening…and then I was in denial…but last week as I was running down the canyon and saw the leaves beginning to change color I knew I would have to accept the facts:  Summer is over…and the autumn season is upon us.

So instead of mourning the loss of late nights and sprinkler filled days with my kids I’m going to change my mind set and look forward to the holidays, crafts, and parties that I can enjoy with my family during the upcoming season.

And….to get me in the mood I’ve put together a short roundup of some of my favorite fall projects from seasons past…

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flower dress title_edited-1

A Flower Dress.

flower dress title_edited-1

Every year it seems I am squeezing in a last minute First-Day-of-School dress.  Maybe it’s the fact that I procrastinate because somehow I am wishing that summer would stay forever…..I miss the carefree summer days already.

So, at 11 pm the night before school started I was finishing up the hem of the dress…and had it pressed and hung up just in the nick of time for the next morning.

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Three Easy Baby Blanket Tutorials

The gift giving season and cold weather will be here before we know it so today we have a baby blanket roundup for you that we shared awhile back over at Mama Says Sew.  All three blankets are easy to make, handy to use, wash well and are perfect to give (and to receive!).
Sooooo….here’s the roundup:
I’m liZ (one of the two Elizabeth’s) over at Simple Simon and Company and I am super excited to get to hang out on Terra’s blog today.  We think Terra is nothing but wonderful and were so excited to be invited to be a part of her series.
We think that when babies are concerned you can never have enough baby blankets!  So today I put together three super easy baby blanket tutorials that any one can make!
We promise all three are super easy to make and fantastic to use!
Thank you again for inviting us over here today Terra!
Apron in 3 easy steps

Make a half-apron in 3 easy steps.

SO….awhile ago Elizabeth and I made a few videos…..

And today we are sharing one of my favorites.  It is a minute long video on how to make a really cute half apron in 3 easy steps.  (Ok….I lied it’s really 72 seconds long…but that is close to only a minute long…we tried to be brief!)

Apron in 3 easy steps

I love these aprons!  They are made from dishtowels and are perfect to wear and to wash.

So if you have a minute click on over and check it out…and you can see Elizabeth and I doing the nerdiest thing ever at the end (that we were promised wouldn’t be in the video!).

Here’s the link:  EASY APRON TUTORIAL