The things you take for granted quote

The Art of Homemaking: The things you take for granted…

The things you take for granted quote

I shared this quote on our Facebook page over the weekend…it’s been on my mind for awhile.

I love this time of year.  It always reminds me of how much I have…which when I think about it I suppose it really should do the opposite for me…with the holidays coming our budget is always very tight and what we have to spend is well, very limited.  Which means most of the gifts we give each year are handmade instead of the latest and greatest.

But this year more than any other I feel full of gratitude for what I have…I have a warm place to live and people that I love to make those handmade gifts for…not to mention…clean drinking water, enough food to eat, clothing to wear, and books to read.  My needs are met, not everyone can say the same, and I am thankful for what I have…even if most days I take the mundane laundry piles, ramen for lunch, and a house full of noisy children for granted.

Which reminds me…months after our 2014 Skirting the Issue ended we have still received more skirts…and I continue to be filled with thanksgiving for all of you.  Not only have we been able to give skirts to several local foster care closets but we have been able to share them with crisis centers and have another load ready to send to a reservation next week.

We could never do this without you.  And we appreciate it.

Anyway…I’m not sure what the point of today is except be thankful…we all have more to be grateful for than we realize…and thank you for helping us help others…and happy National Parfait day (which it really is today).


fall shift dress simple simon and co

Gratefulness and a Shift Dress

fall shift dress simple simon and co“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  ~A.A. Milne

Lately, I have been feeling so grateful for the small things in my life.  When Liz and I started this project, we had no idea that this small piece of the interweb would become so important to us…..and I don’t think it’s really about the sewing.

Sure I love to sew.  Love it.  But what I am feeling most grateful for right about now is you.  All of those that take of their time to come here and visit us everyday.  It’s just a small thing, but somehow we feel so connected to you all.

Some of you we have met in person (a small number)….but most of you we haven’t.  But we talk about you like we have.  Really, we do.

And you take up room in our hearts.

So I would feel very amiss this season if I didn’t take the time to say thank you to all of you.  For your comments, for your sewing, but most of all—for your friendship.

Thank you.


P.S.  The dress is a shift dress that I drafted with long sleeves (that aren’t quite long enough ;)) for Thanksgiving with the family.

mustard sweater pillow

Homemaking Gifts for under $25

*This post is brought to you by Wayfair  although all opinions are our own.

Some years I find gift giving easy….and some years I find gift giving really hard.  So over the next month or so we are going to be sharing some simple gifts that people in your life would love to get.  Some will be handmade but we are also trying to find things that we really do love and use.  And we are trying our darndest to come up with things that are also super economical so you won’t break the Holiday budget this year!

So, today let’s start with the homemakers.  I know that I really do love to receive gifts that brighten my home with pretty things….and especially things that make my home feel more like me.   And I love the fact that everytime I see something in my home  or use it—I remember the person that gave it to me.  So I put together a roundup of some of my very favorite things for the home.

And the best part is that you can buy all of these homemaking gifts for under $25!

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Elsa Inspired Ruffle Skirt

How to Measure for and Cut Circle Skirts

As I said yesterday I have been on a skirt making binge lately.  And the skirts I have been making the most of are circle skirts…mainly because I can have one cut and sewn in less than an hour.

Elsa Inspired Ruffle Skirt

When I started sewing I avoided circle skirts because every pattern and tutorial I saw had this math diagram with pi…and radius…and circumference….and then my brain turned off and I decided that I would just choose a different skirt to sew.  Because even though I like to sew and craft and such I’m also lazy…LAY-ZEE so when I would see all those instructions I’d think it was a good time for some nachos instead.

But then Elizabeth was over at my house one day and she made me try one….and it was like magic!  It was so EASY I couldn’t believe it and it has now become one of my go to skirt patterns.

So today I am going to show you how I take two measurements, do one math problem (on a calculator) and then with two cuts have a skirt that is ready to be sewn.

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Exposed Elastic Waistband

How to Make an Exposed Elastic Waistband

Recently I’ve been on a skirt making binge….for myself…for my girls…for fun…and today I want to share one of the easiest waistbands you can put on a skirt:Exposed Elastic Waistband

I love these waistbands!  For myself and for my girls.  They are easy to make, comfortable to wear and can be put on a wide variety of skirt styles.

Here’s how to do it!

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