Skirting the Issue with Delia Creates

Delia from Delia Creates is joining in on the fun for Skirting the Issue today.  We have been able to get to know Delia and she is as darling in person as she is on her blog!  She has such a creative spirit and is full of ideas.  Today’s free pattern is for her flexible waist skirt for all sizes is so perfect for skirting the issue because they are a fast sew….thank you so much Delia for being here today!!!!

Simple-Simon-Skirt-Title-Picture-2Head over to Delia’s blog for the free pattern HERE!



Sewing Saturday at Simple Simon and Company


How is your summer?  I feel like time is flying by and I just want to stop it, but I have been doing some summer sewing that I can’t wait to show you soon(ish)!  There have been lots and lots of knit pencil skirts for teens that are fast and easy.  I made some slopers for teen sizes 3-15 and have been trying to make one or two a day for skirting the issue.  I wish we could have one giant pencil skirt sewing party and all make one for us and then one to give away—wouldn’t that be so fun?

I will show you my sewing in a couple of weeks, but I am dying to see what you have been sewing up!

Easy DIY Preppy Kitty Skirt

Skirting the Issue with Flamingo Toes

We have a special treat for you today….it’s Bev from Flamingo Toes!

This lady is making something ALL THE TIME!  From jewelry to embroidery to sewing Bev does it all and we are so happy to have her here sharing her talents with us for Skirting the Issue.  Just look at this cutie patootie skirt!

Easy DIY Preppy Kitty Skirt

And now jump on over to Flamingo Toes and check out all the details on how to make it!


Skirting the Issue with The Polka Dot Chair

Today we have another dear friend joining us.  Melissa is one of our favorite bloggers to spend time with and fortunately for us we’ve gotten to spend more than our fair share of time with this lovely lady even though we live thousands of miles apart!

And because we think everything Melissa does is fabulous we are happy to share her tutorial for Skirting the Issue with all of you!


So hop on over to her blog THE POLKA DOT CHAIR and check out all the details!


Tea Rose Home Insta Pocket

Skirting the Issue with Tea Rose Home

Today we are lucky enough to have someone with us who is as kind as she is talented.  (And if you have ever met Sachiko in person I know you would agree…she is nothing but gracious.)

Sachiko blogs over at Tea Rose Home where she makes everything she touches beautiful.  Like this skirt:


…and this skirt:

Tea Rose Home Insta Pocket

So click over to Tea Rose Home today and check out these two fantastic tutorials!

We Interrupt Skirting the Issue For A Crafty Birthday Giveaway

Today we are interrupting Skirting the Issue for just a few minutes for a giveaway.  Every year our friend Kimbo has a giveaway on her birthday and well…’s that time of year again…and again we get to be included in all the fun!  HOORAY!!!

So…for all the details just read through the little snippet below and follow the instructions!  (And we will see you back here in just a little bit for a recap of our Skirting the Issue Sewing Night last week.)

the great craft stash giveaway 1

38 AWESOME bloggers have all joined forces to give you the GREAT craft Stash GIVEAWAY! Each blogger has picked one of their favorite crafting tools to give to ONE lucky winner (AND IT COULD BE YOU!!!!) WE have everything from washi tape, to chalk paint, to baker’s twine, to sharpies! Everything a crafter’s heart could desire!!!!

craft stash giveaway

Here’s what you will get (your mailman is going to hate you!!!) Click on the links to see up close and personal what their favorite craft item is (if you get an error just click the home button!!!)

1st Column:

a glue gun and glue sticks from a girl and a glue gun–crayons from Thirty handmade days –fun markers and pens from delia creates–glitter glue from eighteen 25– fabric paint from One Krieger Chick–Pick three colors of paper straws from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke–Fun ribbons and trims from Sweet Charli–mystery bundle of fabric from sugar bee crafts–embroidery set from Flamingo Toes

2nd column:

bakers twine from Over the big moon–sheets of vinyl from A glimpse inside–mini instagram album from Making the world cuter–Martha Stewart fringe scissors from Dolen Diaries–decorative scotch tape from Bombshell Bling–bias tape from Melly Sews—-circle punch from My Sister’s suitcase–glitter pack from R &R workshop–iron on heat transfer from design, dining and diapers–glitter tape from SNAP

3rd column:

acrylic paint, wood tags, jumbo pins from Lolly Jane–metallic painter markers from A little tipsy–random fun craft supplies from Craft-o-Maniac–rainbow washi from pretty providence–Paper to Petal handmade flower book from kiki & company–manila tags and doiles from Smashed peas and carrots–Craft Paint and foam bushes from Simply Designing– superhero beads from twin dragonfly designs–Rit Dye from The Creative mom

4th column:

Americana chalk paint and varnish from the Crafting Sparrow–styrofoam from Mad in Crafts–Duck brand prize pack from The Country chic cottage–scrapbook paper and sharpie from Simple Simon and Co– patterned treat bags from Girl Loves Glam–Paper trimmer from Ucreate–Washi Tape from Keeping it Simple–Craft odds and ends from Made to be Momma–Americana Chalk paint and varnish from I should be mopping the floor — cute embroidery scissors from Rae Gun ramblings

You can enter to win here. There is just a basic entry (Just click enter!) Then loads of other ways to up your odds!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


good luck and happy crafting!!!


Sewing Saturdays at Simple Simon and Company #12

Tomorrow we will post another edition of our “Off the Blog” series…we have so many things that we want to share that have been going on behind the scenes…especially with our Skirting the Issue Sewing Night….But for today we want to see what has been going on behind the scenes at your place.


What have you been sewing, quilting, or stitching this week?  Link it up so we can all see!


Skirting the Issue with UCreate: A Single Tiered Skirt Tutorial

Sometimes you meet people…and you know that they are just genuinely good…inside and out…and then you pray that your paths will continue to cross because those are the kinds of people who you want to be around.
And that is exactly the way that we feel about Becky (and her sister Kari) from UCreate.  So we feel so lucky to have Becky here sharing a darling tutorial with us today!

Hey there.  Becky here from U Create.  I absolutely adore these girls at Simple Simon as well as their amazing desire to give back with Skirting the Issue.  I am so excited to be able to participate and share this simple skirt tutorial with you.

I want to be able to donate as many skirts as possible so I decided to create a tutorial that will allow me to sew bunch of skirts in a short amount of time. That being said, this is a very beginner skirt.  Please enjoy this step-by-step tutorial for a Simple Single Tiered Twirly Skirt.  Its simple, fun and super cute.

Supply List: (NOTE: these dimensions are for a size 6 skirt)

2 qty  6″ x 16″ knit fabric pieces

2 qty  6.5″ x 24″ knit fabric pieces

22″ of 1/2 elastic -{ find size and measurements by age }

Step 1: Start with 4 strips of fabric.  Lay the 6″ x 16″ fabric pieces on top of each other right sides together and sew down the short sides.  This will create a big circle.  Do the same with the 6.5″ x 24″ pieces.  Now you have two knit circles…one is WAY bigger than the other

Step 2: On the smaller circle iron the top down 3/4″ and sew around the circle but leave an inch open.  This creates the casing for the elastic.  (yep, I am weird and do the elastic first most of the time).

Step 3:  Put a safety pin on the end of the elastic and feed it through the opening in the casing.  

Step 4:  Connect the ends by sewing a secure zig zag stitch. 

Step 5: Once you’ve fed it through and sewn the elastic ends together, close the open in the back of the skirt.  Just sew it shut and you’re done with that part.

Step 6:  Next, grab the other circle piece you created earlier.  I hem it first, but you DO NOT need to hem knit…nor do you usually hem the bottom of a skirt first. I’m just unique and do things a bit out of order. :)

Step 7:  Set your machine to sew a long stitch (meaning not something really tiny)…this is called a basting stitch.  It’s very loose and will help you create the gather of the skirt.  Sew one basting stitch all the way around the top of the circle.  Then do it again about 3/4″ below the first stitch.  DO NOT BACKSTITCH!  

Step 8: Grab the two threads on one side and gentle pull.  If you feel like the strings are going to break, grab the threads closer to the fabric.  You want to hold closer to the fabric to lessen the likelihood of the strings breaking.  If they break just start with step 7 again. 

Step 9:  As you pull the strings the material will gather.  Move the gathers down away from your starting point.  Just slowly scoot them down as you pull.  This is totally a two handed job.  One hand pulls, the other pushes the gathers down the line.  This is the process I get the most questions about so I included a lot of pictures.  (I love questions, if you have any please let me know.)

Once it looks like this…push those gathers down the line.  You want to spread them around the entire top of the circle.

Step 10: Here I have half the skirt top gathered.  Rather than risk breaking the threads and having to start over, I just switch sides and start pulling the strings on the other side…thus gathering the other side of the skirt. :)  Like the picture below.

Keep gathering!


Step 11:  Time to connect the two pieces.  Turn the top piece wrong side out and upside down.  Place the bottom piece right side out and gathered side up.

Step 12:  Slide the top part over the bottom part right sides together.   

Step 13:  Line the gathers up with the bottom of the TOP piece of the skirt. Pin the pieces together all the way around.  Set your machine back to a normal stitch (because it should be on the big basting stitch) and sew all the way around with a 1/2″ seam.  Once you’re done with that, find the long strings you pulled to create the gather and PULL them completely out. The gathers are now secured with the stitch you just created. 

You’re ALL done!  Now you are ready to make a bunch more to donate for a good cause! YAHOO!

I am so happy to contribute this tutorial for Skirting the Issue and Simple Simon.  Thanks for letting me be here today, ladies!

Thank you so much Becky!
(I’m telling you…these ladies are wonderful…the more you find out about them, the more you’ll like them!)
Hop on over to their blog today and see all the fun they have going on…every single day they have THE BEST round-up, tutorials, and ideas at UCreate!