My Top Ten Favorite Ways To Use Baby Wipes

I’ve had babies and/or toddlers with me now for over a decade.  And I’ve LOVED every minute (I always say that I want to freeze time.)  These little people are my world… but they also are a lot of work!
Holy smokes!  How can such small packages make such BIG messes????
It seems like every time I turn around something is sticky, dirty, or a different color than it used to be which is why I use baby wipes ALL. THE. TIME.  I really do.  They are like my-not-so-secret weapon… I have them in several rooms around the house, in my van, and in my purse.
They come in handy for so many things! I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorite ways to use baby wipes.
#1.  To use on sticky fingers and/or faces while we are out and about.
#2.  To give to my younger ones to use to help me wipe down baseboards.
#3.  To give to my older ones to help me dust blinds.
#4.  To keep in my car to wipe up messes from off of seats, arm rests, and the carpool kids.
#5.  To have on hand to wipe off the handles of shopping carts.  (Especially during the flu season!)
#6.  To wipe down door handles around the house.
#7.  To wipe down kitchen chairs and barstools.
#8.  To wipe off baby doll hands and faces.  (We actually use them to wipe down a lot of our toys.)
#9.  To wipe down my steering wheel and dashboard in my van.
#10.  And they work as a remover for crayons, pens, pencils, and some markers from off of most surfaces (trust me… I would know… this is what I use them for most of all!).
Like I said baby wipes are super handy!
Target has a brand of baby wipes that I am loving.
The up & up brand of baby wipes are great.  They come in individual pop up packets (and refills) so that I can take them with me wherever I want.  And while they do have a scented and a sensitive skin version of their wipes my favorite is the unscented… all the clean and no scent!  I love it!
These wipes are also alcohol free so they don’t dry out my hands and are made from 100% plant-based materials that come from trees grown in sustainably managed forests, which makes them a win-win for me.
Childhood is messy… really messy… but baby wipes can help.  And they can help with more than just diaper changes :)

But if you want to use them for diaper changes, Target also has a line of diapers.
Their up & up diapers are also free of latex, chlorine, and fragrance.  They are also affordable… which I love as well :)

New Target up & up Diaper Image

To check out the full line of up & up baby products you can find them at your local Target store.

What is your favorite way to use wipes?  Leave the answer in the comments for a chance to win one $100 Target GiftCard!

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frozen anna costume title

Anna Frozen-Inspired Costume (that you can make in an hour!)

anna costume title photo

When liz showed our capes last week, there was one more that we were saving to share this week—the Audrey Cape made into Anna’s Cape from the Disney Movie Frozen. I am sure we are not alone in our two houses with the Frozen phenomenon….and in case you are needing an Anna Frozen-Inspired Costume this year for Halloween or even a birthday party….we’ve got you covered. And you can make the whole thing in less than an hour ;) My kind of dress up or costume.

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Alice in Wonderland Costume (Reading)

An Everyday Alice in Wonderland Costume

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

How often do I say I want to freeze time.  Once a week?  Everyday?  All the time?

All of the above.

And I mean it.  Especially with this girl.  I love her exactly the way she is right now.

In so many ways she reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.  Her imagination…her curiosity…her temper…

Alice in Wonderland Costume (Reading)

And just like with Alice I’m afraid one day she will wake up and her days in wonderland will be over.

So until then I need to savor any minute.


PS:  I made her this dress a few weeks back….it’s an Alice in Wonderland inspired dress…I wanted to make her something that was totally Alice but also not a costume….something that she could wear everyday….and I have to say it melts my heart more than a little when she wears it…it suits her to a T.

3 fruit capes

Easy Cape Costumes Tutorial (One Pattern…Endless Possibilities!)

Hey!  Today we are excited to be a part of the JoAnn #DIY4Halloween campaign because we finally get to share a project that we have been waiting to share for weeks!

The worlds easiest capes (ok maybe not the world’s easiest but still…they are pretty darn easy to make) that can be turned into practically any costume.

Like a fruit stand:

3 fruit capes

The idea originally came from these capes that we made several years ago.

(And that we’ve made and remade a hundred times since.)

Breakfast at Tiffany's

They fit so cute and the girls like them so much we started thinking about different ways we could use them…and it wasn’t long before we were knee deep in Halloween costume ideas.

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modern maple fall pillow tutorial

Modern Maple Fall Pillow Tutorial

modern maple fall pillow tutorial
I have been seeing Modern Maple Quilts everywhere (just google it–there are some pretty spectacular ones) but last week I was in the mood for a quick project.  So, I dug out my scrap bin, pulled out some colors and decided to make a Modern Maple Fall Pillow.  And I even did the math (not my strong-suit) to make it fit right ;)  This Maple Fall pillow tutorial fits snuggly in an 18 by 18 inch pillow form (the pillow cover is actually 17.5 by 17.5 but I think it gives a great fit) and they were a fast and easy sew!  Just my kind of afternoon project….

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Ever think about quote

The Art of Homemaking: Ever Think About….

On Saturday I needed to run to the store.  So I say to my husband, ”Dude, I need to run to the store I will be back in a few minutes.”  and then I walk down the hall to grab my purse and shoes.

When I return to the front door there are all my kids standing there with their shoes on and my husband is trying to coax them all into the backyard.

And then I ask…”What are you all doing?”

And the kids say, “We are coming with you.”

And then I say, “You’ve got to be kidding me!  It’s Saturday go play in the backyard!  Why do you all think you need to come with me everywhere I go?!?”

And then Simon says,

Ever think about quote

And then all those feelings that I needed to be able to go grocery shopping without the kids “just this once” melted away.

I looked at my little tribe…bed head, a backwards shirt, plastic princess shoes, expectant faces…and suddenly the prospects of shopping alone seemed very lonely indeed.

That band, my band, will only want to be by my side for a short time longer and before I know it I will be the one standing at the door (quite possibly with bed head, a backwards shirt, and plastic princess shoes) and I will be the one with the expectant face waiting for them to spend time with me.

Time goes by so quickly…

So yes, Simon let’s talk ALL THE WAY to and from the store about how many redheads there are in the world, how long it would take to count to a googolplex, or when Yellowstone is going to erupt into a giant volcano of fury.  And yes Grace, I do need you to help me push the shopping cart through the store while Ruth empties it’s contents down the aisles.

Because all too soon you will be grown and I’ll have years to shop in solitude.

(And Simon, I will be thinking about it…)


polka dot pants1_edited-1

Pants with Polka Dots.

polka dot pants1_edited-1

Today’s sewing for fall are some high-waisted polka-dotted pants.  I really do love the look of skinnier pants on girls but when we went back-to-school shopping the “skinny pant” has become a bit too skinny for my taste level…and most of the time when the top of the pants fit, poor Hannie couldn’t even get the ankles over her feet…they were wayyyy too tight.  So, we decided on some patterns and made her some.  First up are the polka-dots and then we did some jeggings in the same style.  I will show you those on Friday.

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Halloween Movies to Watch With Your Family

23 Halloween Movies to Watch With Your Family

 Last Friday over on Facebook I was saying that I was thinking about Halloween movies to watch with my kids…and after I posted that I kept thinking and thinking about good Halloween movies to watch with my family.

So tonight my husband and I were sitting around talking about the movies we watched growing up around Halloween time and the movies that our kids like now and I put together this list of some Halloween movies that I can watch with my family over the next few weeks.

Halloween Movies to Watch With Your Family

The list is a work in progress…but it’s what we’ve come up with so far…also, as you read this remember that movies should be selected so as to be appropriate for the age, maturity, etc, etc, of your viewers….

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