On the Horizon….

Oh my goodness….there are so many things that Elizabeth and I want to tell all of you.  We’ve been working so so so SO HARD behind the scenes on some projects that we are very excited about…but can’t share yet.

I know…that is so dumb to tell you we are working on projects but can’t share….what’s the point in that???  Well, the point is that  we are working hard and we are excited and if we don’t seem as present as we usually do we want you to know why.  And the why is because we are over our heads in projects, deadlines, and work, work, work.  (But we aren’t complaining….it is all GOOD things!!!)

Today, however, there is one change we can tell you about….we are going to be starting a newsletter!  HOORAY!  SOOOOOooooooo…watch for more information about that coming soon, like this week soon!

And until then know we are working….and that soon we will A LOT to share.

Have a great Monday!


Four Foot Man Eating Chicken Close Up

And Then He Turned 10 (An Art of Homemaking Post)

My oldest (Simon) turns 10 this week.Four Foot Man Eating Chicken Close Up

A decade has gone by in the blink of an eye.  And I don’t want to blink again because when I open my eyes another decade will have passed and my baby boy will have become a man.

Our children are only children for such a short amount of time….it very much makes my heart ache to think about it…how will I ever let them grow up?

As Simon’s birthday approached this year my husband and I did a lot of talking.  We really wanted to make his birthday special…but as always money is tight…how were we going to celebrate and make him feel important and loved without being able to buy him things like ipads?  (Such things are a big deal to 10 year olds.)

So we thought and we talked and we thought and finally we came up with a plan.

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Pleated Skirt for JoAnn

A Pleated Skirt for #SewYourStyle


Today I get to share a skirt that I made for the JoAnn #SewYourStyle National Sewing Month Challenge.

Pleated Skirt for JoAnn

For this challenge I got to make a non-quilted item using quilting cottons and Pellon….um….awesome!  I love quilting cottons and Pellon and I wanted a new skirt for fall!  It was a perfect match.

So I was telling Elizabeth about this on the phone and she just happened to be at JoAnn…and saw this blue floral print which was exactly like the kind of fabric I was describing…..so she grabbed a yard and a half for me (along with some Pellon) and BAM!  Destiny.

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Sewing Saturdays is moving this week….and there’s a giveaway!

This week Sewing Saturday is moving to Instagram and Facebook!


We had an idea last week and wanted to try something new….So, this week we want to see your projects either on facebook or on instagram using the hashtag #simplesimonsewalong.

Simply put that hashtag on Facebook or on Instagram along with a photo of your current project and you’re in!   And, why do you want to be in?   Well, besides the fact it will be fun to see what everyone is working on, we are going to pool everyone’s link-ups that are in the hashtag and then choose a random winner!

This week the prize is a Riley Blake Fat Quarter Bundle


So…now that you know what’s going on let’s get to it!  We are excited to see what you’ve been working on!


Sew Ready To Play: Domino Inspired

Hello Everybody!

Today we are over at I’m Feelin’ Crafty taking part in her “Sew Ready to Play” series.



For our project Grace and I put together a Domino inspired look for her to wear to school.  To see what we made pop on over to Louise’s blog and check it out.

Happy Friday everyone!

(And check back in with us later tonight to see how we are changing up our weekly Sewing Saturday Linky Party!)


7 fun projects for fall

7 Fun Fall Projects (To Help Me Stop Crying Over the Disappearance of Summer)


I’ve been trying to fight it….I really have…this ending of summer business…

I tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening…and then I was in denial…but last week as I was running down the canyon and saw the leaves beginning to change color I knew I would have to accept the facts:  Summer is over…and the autumn season is upon us.

So instead of mourning the loss of late nights and sprinkler filled days with my kids I’m going to change my mind set and look forward to the holidays, crafts, and parties that I can enjoy with my family during the upcoming season.

And….to get me in the mood I’ve put together a short roundup of some of my favorite fall projects from seasons past…

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